Make Breakthrough Possible

Breakthrough extends a heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations below, whose exceptional generosity, between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, has made our work possible.

*Denotes current Advisory Board member.

^Denotes current Young Professionals Board member.


San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families


San Francisco Day School


Warriors Community Foundation


AT&T Foundation
Breakthrough Collaborative
Caneel Family Foundation
California Department of Education
Katie and Reed Colley
Cathy* and Sandy Dean
Dodge & Cox
Goldman Sachs
Hall Capital Partners
Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
Susan Byrd and Mark Lampert
Silicon Valley Bank
The Walther Foundation


Courtney Norris* and Alex Burnett
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Dolby Laboratories
Laura and John Fisher
Grace Won and Richard Holden
The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
Jessica and Jason Moment
Kathryn and Aaron Money
Laurie and Josh Olshansky
Laura Sanchez
Seung-il Shin
Laura and Greg Spivy
Gwen Tillman
Adriana Lopez Vermut and Aaron Vermut
Leigha and Eli Weinberg
Weinstein Family Charitable Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Carla and David Crane
Randi and Bob Fisher
Linda and Dan Geballe
Sara and Kenneth Geld
Kelly and Mike Halper
Ellen Koskinas and Charles Hauck
Leslie and George Hume
Jenny Yip and Michael Kim
Leigh and Bill Matthes
Jane* and Roger Mortimer
Deirdre and Scott Nonaka
Roslyn and Lisle Payne
Ingrid and Matt Rechtin
Barbara and John Seegal
Jill and Thatcher Thompson
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Wells Fargo Foundation
Susan and Christopher Wilkens
Jenni and Hassan Zaidi


Barbara and Fred Abbott
Aetna Matching Gift Program
Maggie* and Mani Aliabadi
Claire and Eric Alt
Anonymous (2)
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
William Bondy
Alex and Chris Britt
Mary Rose Fernandez and Ron Brown
Jennifer and Adam Ciresi
Sarah Stein and Michael Cohn
Elana O’Reilly and Sean Curran
Beth and Andy Daecher
Lane* and John Dent
Teresa Goodwin and Michael Dulworth
Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt
John Fisher ’03
Dana and Josh Frieman
Gabrielle Toledano and Kurt Gantert
Dawn and Scott Hartman
Elisa and John Hayashi
Margaret Howe and Conrad Herrmann
Rebecca Higgitt
Amy and Rob Hurlbut
Lauren Hutchinson
Tracy and Patrick* Jennings
Lesley Bunim ’91 and Michael Jensen
Pimpapun Ubolpong and Jordan Kanis*
Monique and Martin Kobinger
Marla Miller and David Kremer
Christine Wong and Denny Kwon
Katherine and Alex Ladd
Andrea Evans and Chris Lehane
Jenny Pearlman* and Jack McDonald
Inder Dhillon and Ken McNeely
Julie and Jon Meyer
Thomas Miller
Joyce Tom and Leonard Moon
Christine and Todd Morris
Mary Palisoul and Grant Mulliken*
Bora and Yola Ozturk
Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl
Danilo Purlia
Jenny and Nehal* Raj
The Fr. Thomas A. Reed, S.J. Christian Service Award
Katy and Alex Reese
Lucy Almers and Sean Rhea
Jacquie and Jeremiah Robison
Sally and Toby Rosenblatt
Robin Roxas
Lisa Bransten and John Rumsey
Noelle and Mika Salmi
Lindsay and Amos Schallich
Mark Scheel
Laura and Jim Schlueter
Beth* and Dave Schulte
Joan Scott
Bettina Steffen and Scott Setrakian
Sonia and Jim Shelton
Marci and Andy Sherman
Jessica and Aaron Sittig
Camilla Thomas
United Way of the Bay Area
Laura and Pierre Zado


Joy and Jon Alferness
Kian Beyzavi and Hamid Amiri
Anonymous (2)
Hilary Love and Eric Bader
Ann and Chris Baker
Shari and Alexander Bard
Laura and David Brown
Laurie Browne and David Chang
Ginny and Ed Conner
Phuong Le and Nicholas Da Silva
Aiko and John de Souza
Christina Huizar and Paolo Diaz
Disney Employee Matching Gifts Program
Shelly Dolev
Melinda Ellis Evers and Will Evers
Ellen Burgin and Peter Fair
Nicole and Mark Fein
Lisa Inman and Alisa Gilden
Kaatri and Douglas Grigg
Susan Bailey-Harnden and David Harnden
Michelle Huber
Shilpa and Rishi Jain
Ashley and Deejae Johnson
Catherine Brady and Steven Kahn
Caroline and Eric Kress
Naomi Meyers and Jeremiah Lane
Karen Aidem Maring and Harry Maring
Beth Mulcahy and Thomas Martin
Scott Mataya
Mara and Jason McCune
Gabrey and Tommy Means
Mindstream Analytics
Gabriella Mishev
Nikki and Matt Murray
Maria Elena and Steve O’Connor
Jenee and Bedford Palmer
Tara and Douglas Rappaport
Blythe Lang and Matt Rivitz Foundation
Jill Robertson and Jason Schulte
Blair and Rick Shane
Diana Kapp and David Singer
K. Samantha Cho* and Joseph Song
Julie Kim and Tom Stahl
Laleh Tamhidi and Amir Ali Tabarrok
Maria and Tabreez Verjee
Gina and Michael Warren
Susan Wayland


Nina Alderete
Deniz and Gabe Anders
Frances Elsberry and Christopher Bergeron
Diana Wolf and Darren Bianchi
Kelly Stiles and Laura Bongiorno
Samantha and Jason Cauthen
Chantal and Eli Ceryak
Michelle Chen and Seak Chao
Decus Biomedical
Erica Hitchcock Desouza
Alexis Woods and Daniel Donahoe
David Donahue
Karla Robertson and Stewart Dorsey
Fidelity National Title Company
Trish Tierney and Chris Flanagan
Jennifer Hartle and Albert R. Gonzales, Jr.
Laura and Charles Hespe
Marian and Bill Howard
Julien Kawawa-Beaudan
Alicia Cheung and Niles Lichtenstein
Mission Minded
Sasha Mungal
Nancy Hoopes and Alison Pachynski
Drew Payne ’97
Nancy Nagramada and Charles Raymond
Susan and Timothy Rice
Bernex Richardson
Allison Robinson
Margarita Cabrera-Scarlata and Karim Scarlata
SF Day Student Congress
Josh Shald
Karlo Ng and Andy Shin
Lisa Grill and James Silver
Wendy and Bob Singley
Evan Strother*
Ragnar Von Schiber
Emily and Michael Wilkins
Holly Holter and Jay Williams
Shafia Zaloom


Lauren Becker
Ruth* and Matthew Bissell
Cammy Blackstone
Courtney Clavon
Jennifer Huber and Josh Cohen
Beth Cook
Devin Corpuz
Jamie DuBose
Michael Duryee-Browner ’03
Zoe Duskin
Fernando Enciso-Marquez
Emily Firestein
Jacque Grillo
Teena Berman and Owen L. Hart
Megan and Matt Howard
Gail Hunter
Alyssa Leonard
Little Star Pizza
Lina Garcia and Carlos Monfiglio
Ifeoma Ozoma^
Marisa and Ravi Rajapakse
Katherine and Edward Rhee
Amanda Richard
Bernex Richardson
Johanna and Brian Roberts
Robin Romdalvik and Sue Rochman
Amity and Brian Sadigursky
San Francisco State University
Elizabeth Sandoval-Holland and Safalo Holland
Kelly Taggart Scavullo and Andrew Scavullo
Zach Shen
Mary and Terry Vogt
Dylan Zabell^
Zephyr Real Estate


Anonymous (3)
Rebecca Asch
Alexandra Ashinoff
Drew Becher
Tai Bendit
Mark Berry
Rachel Bigio
Robin Bishop
Rachel Bordoli
Brittany Brady
Jamieson Bunn
William Cazalet
Chelsea Chang
Adil Charki
Fei Chen^
Melody Chen
Ric Chi
Agnes Choi
Erica and Alan Choy
Maureen Coleman
Marria and Justin Cooper
Jonelle Cruz
Amy D’Ull
Jamie DeAraujo
Suzanne DeTore
Remy Dumont
Olivia Duong
Robin Duryee
Caroline Fiegel^
Brendan Folan
Ross Freiman-Mendel
Jamie Friedman
Erin Wright-Gandhi and Koonal Gandhi
Juliana Gomez
Elana Weinstein and Michael Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez
Winnie Hui
Humble Bundle
Anna Ike
Andy Jan
Nikila Kakarla
Nilesh Kavthekar
Jane Koegel
Nicole and Michael Krassner
Akshay Kumar
Jenny Lam
Lily Lam
Janie Lee
Peter Levitt
Elaine Liu
Irene Liu^
Alexander Lorch
Alyssa Lorch
Aniela Mack^
Jesse Meltz
Alec Miller
Sachin Mitra
Meghan Morse
Ben Mozenter
Christina Nathan
Holly Nery
Chong Ni
Daniel Ottenwalder
Hyde Patterson
Brian Phillips
Sarika Ramakrishnan^
Laura Rambin
Julia Rayis
Alexandria Rivetti
Hilary Roberts
Sylvia Rodriguez-Douglass
Rhonda Ross
Evan Schwartz
Stephanie Sears
Gabriel Shields-Estrada
Rishi Simha
Chrissy and Casey Smith
Sanjeev Srivatsa
Mara Storto
Homa Hanjani and Hadi Tabatabai
Shelby Thoreson
Sophie Throsby
Christy Tripp
Anna Christina Valadao
Kevin Wang
Anne Wu
Peter Wyckoff
Alice and George Yavorsky
Helen Zhao
Michelle Zhu

In-Kind Support

Diana and Alex Adamson
Arsicault Bakery
Banana Republic
Breakthrough Collaborative
Laura and David Brown
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Rebekah and George Chang
Yvonne Wu and Howard Chung
Jennifer and Adam Ciresi
Christina Huizar and Paolo Diaz
DLA Piper
Dolby Laboratories
Cynthia Traina and Steve Fillipow
Intrexon Corporation
Ashley and Deejae Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Jane Koegel
Katherine and Alex Ladd
Beth Mulcahy and Tom Martin
Museum of Performance and Design
Yola and Bora Ozturk
Olivia Morgan and David Plouffe
Amanda Richard
San Francisco Day School
Scavullo Design
Silicon Valley Bank
Taylor Design
University of California at San Francisco
University of San Francisco
Wells Fargo

In Honor

In Honor of Tom Beischer
Leigh and Bill Matthes

In Honor of Michael Duryee-Browner ‘03
Carla and David Crane

In Honor of Michelle Phillips and Jason Finau
Anonymous (2)
Deniz and Gabe Anders
Jamieson Bunn
Jonelle Cruz
Jamie DeAraujo
Mission Minded
Susan and Timothy Rice
Chrissy and Casey Smith

In Honor of Camila Geld
Sara and Kenneth Geld

In Honor of Jenee Palmer

In Honor of Andy Shin

In Honor of Erika Williams
Holly Holter and Jay Williams

In Honor of Justin Yamamura ‘14
The Fr. Thomas A. Reed, S.J. Christian Service Award

In Memoriam

In Memory of Dr. Franklin Altany
Maria Elena and Steve O’Connor

In Memory of Tommy Battat
Danilo Purlia

In Memory of Hildy Burness

In Memory of Nancy Mathis
Ruth* and Matthew Bissell