Make Breakthrough Possible

Breakthrough extends a heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations below, whose exceptional generosity, between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, has made our work possible.

*Denotes current Advisory Board member.


San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families


Estate of Jo Kennedy
San Francisco Day School


Bristol Myers Squibb
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Susan Byrd and Mark Lampert
Warriors Community Foundation


Caneel Family Foundation
Dodge & Cox
Laura and John Fisher
Junior League of San Francisco
Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja
Andrea Evans and Chris Lehane
Kathryn and Aaron Money
Laurie and Josh Olshansky
Laura Sanchez
Silicon Valley Bank
Laura and Greg Spivy


Jim Hilt and Derek Brown
Katie and Reed Colley
Dolby Laboratories
Goldman Sachs
Tamara and Onil* Gunawardana
The James Irvine Foundation
Tracy and Patrick Jennings
Ashley and Deejae Johnson
Kendra Klang and RD Kern
Jeremiah Lane and Naomi Meyers
Jessica Moment
Beth* and Dave Schulte
Sakiko and Tomonori Tani
Adriana López Vermut and Aaron Vermut


Barbara and Fred Abbott
Jennifer and Adam Ciresi
Silpa Pericherla* and Chris Edwards
Kelly and Michael Halper
Ellen Koskinas and Charles Hauck*
Barbara and Dane Holmes
Christine Ferrari and Geoffrey Holtz
David E. Jackson
Jenny Yip and Michael Kim
Marsha Maytum and William Leddy
March Capital Management
Jenny Pearlman* and Jack McDonald
Deirdre and Scott Nonaka
Jenny and Nehal Raj
Barbara and John Seegal
Seung-il Shin
Jessica and Eric Spaly
Weinstein Family Charitable Foundation
Susan and Christopher Wilkens



Anonymous (2)
The Alferness Family
Claire and Eric Alt
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Frances Elsberry and Chris Bergeron
Denzil Bernard
Brittny Bottorff
Maggie Boyle*
Laura and Dave Brown
Mary Rose Fernandez and Ron Brown
Michelle Chen and Seak Chao
Sarah Stein and Michael Cohn
Anne Irwin and James Conger
Elana O’Reilly and Sean Curran
Cooley LLP
Beth and Andy Daecher
Keri and Jeff Davidson
Lane and John* Dent
Alexis Woods and Daniel Donahoe
Carrie and Stouffer Egan
Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt
Aarti Raman* and Krish Eswaran
Ellen Burgin and Peter Fair
Randi and Bob Fisher
Dana and Josh Frieman
Deborah Hu
Leslie and George Hume
Amy and Rob Hurlbut
Kate Brady and Steven Kahn
Monique and Martin Kobinger
Marla Miller and David Kremer
Jonah Livingston
Joyce Tom and Leonard Moon
Laura Rambin
Ingrid and Matt Rechtin

Linden Bader Rees and Bryan Rees Foundation
Katy and Alex Reese
Kelly Taggart Scavullo and Andrew Scavullo
Whitney and Matthew Thornburg
Tene Cage and Erron Titus
Janet and Art Wong

In Honor of

The Breakthrough Class of 2022

The Breakthrough Staff
Michael Duryee-Browner

Nathania Chao
Michelle Chen and Seak Chao

Qiaoying Chen
Brittny Bottorff

Oliver Dudum-Baxter
Alia Dudum

Michael Duryee-Browner
Teena Berman and Owen Hart

Arya Harshawat
Erin Medlin and Andrew, Dylan, and Evan

Madeline Holtz
Matilda Holtz

Amrita Sehgal* and Vishesh Khanna

Andy Shin
Barbara and John Seegal

Anna Yarinsky
Amy Weisser and Adam Yarinsky

In Memory of

Manuel Dudum
Alia Dudum

Jeffrey and Kaatri Grigg
Carol Dugger