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Summer 2013 Outcome Data Available Now

Friday, November 1, 2013

Review summer 2013 outcome data

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In summer 2013, our students made huge strides. Performance on our literature, writing, and math assessments increased by 17% on average. On average, 80% of our eighth graders met the critical levels of performance for Algebra Readiness on the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project – a tool developed by the University of California system – by the end of their fourth summer with us, positioning them well for success during eighth grade algebra, a key predictor of Bachelor's degree attainment. Student attendance for the six-week summer program averaged 98%. 

Intern teachers also grew tremendously. As a faculty, they improved by an average of 44% over the course of the summer on our Teacher Excellence Rubric, which measures such skills as lesson planning, student engagement techniques, and classroom management. 100% of interns reported being satisfied with their Breakthrough experience. One wrote: “Breakthrough is incredibly difficult yet rewarding: it exposes you to the grittiness of teaching and the amazing, inspiring resilience and joy of students. It made me realize how I want to impact the world: by improving the quality of American students' education, one classroom at a time.”