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Breakthrough extends a heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations below, whose exceptional generosity, between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, has made our work possible.

*Denotes current Advisory Board member.

^Denotes current Young Professionals Board member.

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Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families

San Francisco Day School




AT&T Foundation

California Department of Education

Caneel Family Foundation

Dodge & Cox

Tracy and Patrick* Jennings

Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja

Borah and Sang Kim

Susan Byrd and Mark Lampert


The Walther Foundation

Warriors Community Foundation



Anonymous (2)

Mollie Brown and Warren Browner

Courtney Norris* and Alex Burnett

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Katie and Reed Colley

Cathy* and Sandy Dean

Dolby Laboratories

Laura and John Fisher

Goldman Sachs

Grace Won and Richard Holden

Amy and Rob Hurlbut

Jessica and Jason Moment

Kathryn and Aaron Money

Kelle Young and Arvind Rajan

Laura Sanchez

Gabriella Sarlo

Seung-Il Shin

Jill and Thatcher Thompson

Weinstein Family Charitable Foundation



Sara and Tom Byrne

Nora and Ali Diab

Melinda Ellis Evers and William Evers

Randi and Bob Fisher

Kelly and Michael Halper

Leslie and George Hume

Jenny Yip and Michael Kim

Rochelle and David Ludwig

Leigh and Bill Matthes

Christine and Todd Morris

Jane* and Roger Mortimer

Deirdre and Scott Nonaka

Roslyn and Lisle Payne

Jenny and Nehal* Raj

Lisa Bransten and John Rumsey Foundation

Laura and Greg Spivy

Wells Fargo Foundation



Barbara and Fred Abbott

Aetna Matching Gift Program

Joy and Jonathan Alferness

Maggie and Mani Aliabadi

Anonymous (4)

Philip Arca and Sherry Smith*

Diana Nelson and John Atwater

Vivian Bin and Jin Hui Li

Alex and Chris Britt

Children's Day School

Yvonne Wu and Howard Chung

Jennifer and Adam Ciresi

Sarah Stein and Michael Cohn

David and Carla Crane Philanthropic Fund

Beth and Andy Daecher

Christina Huizar and Paolo Diaz

Alexis Woods and Daniel Donahoe

Teresa Goodwin and Michael Dulworth

Lisa Kessler and Glenn Egrie

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

Ellen Burgin and Peter Fair

John Fisher '03

Anna Gale

Lareina Yee and Humberto Galleno

Gabrielle Toledano and Kurt Gantert

George Gigounas



Dawn and Scott Hartman

Elisa and John Hayashi

Margaret Howe and Conrad Herrmann

Monique and Martin Kobinger

Marla Miller and David Kremer

Christine Wong and Denny Kwon

Katherine and Alexander Ladd

Naomi Meyers and Jeremiah Lane

Mina and Collin Lee

Andrea Evans and Christopher Lehane

Kimberley and Wayne Losey

Beth Mulcahy and Thomas Martin

Jenny Pearlman* and Jack McDonald

Gabrey and Tommy Means

Joyce Tom and Leonard Moon

Mary Palisoul and Grant Mulliken*

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Morgan Plouffe Family

Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl

Danilo Purlia

Ingrid and Matt Rechtin

Blythe Lang and Matt Rivitz

Johanna and Brian Roberts

Sally and Toby Rosenblatt

Amity and Brian Sadigursky

Mark A. Scheel

Patty and Steve Shepard

Marci and Andy Sherman

Silicon Valley Bank

K. Samantha Cho* and Joseph Song

Jessica and Eric Spaly

Stephanie Tuttle and Ramsey Walker

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Susan and Christopher Wilkens

Frances Ho and George Yu

Jenni and Hassan Zaidi



Irene Byrne
Tajel Shah and John Abraham
Claire and Eric Alt
Anonymous (2)
Maria Ansari
Emily Hatas and Jonathan Axelrad
Hilary Love* and Eric Bader
Shari and Alexander Bard
Carol Cunningham-Barron and Hal Barron
Frances Elsberry and Christopher Bergeron
Kelly Stiles and Laura Bongiorno
Betsy Wade Brody and James Brody
Mary Rose Fernandez and Ron Brown
Chantal and Eli Ceryak
Melissa Chadwick-Dunn
Laurie Browne and David Chang
Rebekah and George Chang
Ginny and Ed Conner
Phuong Le and Nicholas Da Silva
Meghan Shannon and Jose Davila
Lane* and John Dent
Lisa Giannone and Michael Dillingham
Disney Employee Matching Gifts Program
Shelly Dolev
Carrie and Stouffer Egan
Sarina Behera and Brian Feeley
Dana and Josh Frieman
Lisa Inman and Alisa Gilden
Kaatri and Douglas Grigg
Robert Halperin
Susan Bailey-Harnden and David Harnden
Monica and Ashwin Hira
Amelia and Steve Hirsch
Erica Hitchcock Desouza
Marian and Bill Howard
Megan* and Matt Howard
The James Irvine Foundation
Amanda Hughen and John Jackson
Sarah and Christopher Kagay
Lucinda Katz
Yvonne Keene
Christina Kim
Little Star Pizza
Molly Wood and Dagny Maidman
Making Waves Foundation
Marin Country Day School
Laura and Charles Miller
Mindstream Analytics
Gabriella Mishev
Ali Mostoufi
Nikki and Matt Murray
Bora and Yola Ozturk
Megan and Milan Patel
Kimberley Tompkins Pettigrew and Stephen Pettigrew
Lance Fulford and Sanders Pitman
Katy and Alex Reese
Lucy Almers and Sean Rhea
Zachary Rivitz '18
Adrienne and Dillon Rogers '92
Margarita Cabrera-Scarlata and Karim Scarlata
Katie Albright and Jake Schatz
Gay Outlaw and Robert Schmitz
Beth and Dave Schulte
Joan Scott
Bettina Steffen and Scott Setrakian
Julie Kim and Thomas Stahl
Maria and Tabreez Verjee
Adriana Lopez Vermut and Aaron Vermut
Melissa and Victor Wang
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP


Anonymous (3)
Martha and Jorge Arciga
Autodesk Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
Michelle Chen and Seak Chao
Agnes Choi
Concert for Community
The Cook Family
Marria and Justin Cooper
David Donahue
Rachel Elginsmith
Trish Tierney and Chris Flanagan
Kristin and David Glickman
Jennifer Hartle and Albert R. Gonzales, Jr.
Laura and Charles Hespe
Gabrielle Hull
Shilpa and Rishi Jain
Catherine Stam and Bryn Jedlic
Jane Koegel
Caroline and Eric Kress
Hanna Levin
John Maa
Mara and Jason McCune
Meg and Stu McLaughlin
Susan Wayland and Mark Mushkat
Jenee and Bedford Palmer
Julie and John Pellegrini
Kelly Taggart Scavullo and Andrew Scavullo
Joerg Schumann
Barbara and John Seegal
Karlo Ng and Andy Shin
Marjorie and Andrew Swain
Zefania Preza and Bram Van Riet
Natalie Walrond and John Brockland
Lauren Weston 
Rita Abraldes and Brie Williams
Holly Holter and Jay Williams

Anonymous (5)
Biruketaiet Zewdu and Asfaw Areda
Ella Arriaga
Lateefah and Cameron Baxter
Lauren Becker
Ruth* and Matthew Bissell
Suzanna Brickman and James Ralph
Mandy and Kam Cheong Tam
Rodrigo Coelho
College Track San Francisco
Michael Duryee-Browner '03
Fernando Enciso-Marquez*
John Felt
Fidelity National Title Company
Amanda and Josh Fried
Chelsea Marie Fuerte
Trisha Regine Fuerte^
Erin Wright-Gandhi and Koonal Gandhi
Elana Weinstein and Michael Gonzalez
Teena Berman and Owen Hart
Sona Hovhannisyan
Alyson Kaneshiro
Stephen Kealhofer
Florence Kress
Meredith Landis
Jesse J. Lee
Yan Fen Lu and Wallace Lee
Xiao Yan Wu and Jin Lim Lei
Kelleen Loo
Marilyn and Thomas Martin
Alec Miller^
Caroline Tsen and James Morris
North American Title Company, Inc.
Robert Pascual
Sabina Piersol
Anna and Roman Polonsky
Red Slips/Foxxy Cleopatra
Katherine and Edward Rhee
Robin Romdalvik and Susan Rochman
YuJuan Ru and Si  Ping Hu
Josh Shald
Wendy and Bob Singley
Carolina Solis
Joe Taylor
Bridget O'Rourke and Jeffrey Tucker
Yu Lan Lai and Peter Tze
Mia Walker
Melashu Gebrehiwot and Zeray Weldezghi
Amanda Wilkerson
Tigist and Tadele Woldemichael
Nancy Woo Scott
Sharon Woods
Cindy Yang
Zephyr Real Estate

Adrianna Abreu
Shaina Adami
Andrealiz Afable
Casey Agena
Lloyd Alexander
Annette Allen
Anonymous (2)
Lauren Argo
Rebecca Asch
Usman Asif
Mariette Bahati
Shannon Bailie
Ela Banerjee
Lisa Bao
Fetnawati and Fred Batin
Ray Batra
Michelle Battle
Jamie Beaton
Ashley Beckner
Christine Bediones
Claire Behrendt
Ileana Betancourt
Aarti Bhatnagar
Kathryn Borrud
Cecile Boucheron
Naji Bouhabib
Chloe Bower
Caroline Brand
MaryClare Brzytwa
Courtney Buchanan
Matt Burns
Adam Butler
Conor Carey
Andrea Carlos
Devin Carlson
Akshay Chalana
James Chan
Ferheen Chaudhry
Connie Chen
Jennifer Chen
Lucy Chen
Ric Chi^
Elliot Chi
Taylor Chiu
Ella Clausen
Yael Cohen
Patrick Coleman
Tyler Connolly
Bunnie Contreras
Kyle Cooper
Lisa Coris
Morgan Corley '10
Alexandra Cristea
Jeremy Crouthamel
Carolyn Cuykendall
Beatriz Datangel
Lauren Davis
Reilly Davis
Estelle Davis
Olinda Cubillas and Remigio De la Cruz
Cong Ding
Jack Dreifuss
Alia Dudum
Zack Ellis
Jessica Eng
Joan Epsten
Joan Estep
Casey Feldman
Azeb Fentahun and Habtamu Mihari
Ian Fike
Esther Finne
Ramon Flores
Isabelle Flores
Danielle Fong
Debbie Freed
Chantal Gagnon
Trevor Geller
Brady Gill
Brynn Gitt
Saguna Goel
Mariah Gonzales
Anjali Gopal
Becca Grady-Reitan
Natalia Granitoff
Ian Graves
Suzanne Greenberg
Robert Greenfield
Jacquie and Bruce Gribens
Joey Gutierrez
Isabel Otoya and Eduardo Guzman
Francisco Guzman
Andy Haden
Emmy Hall
Josh Han
Candice Harden
Chad Harris
Charles Hartley
Elizabeth Harvey
Marco Herndon
Kari Hill
Kathryn Hjalmarson
Michael Hogan
Kevin Hollander
Jeremy Holtzman
Ariana Hoyos
Emily Hsi
Minie Hsu
Kai Huang
Kathleen Hunt
Clayton Hunter
Susan Hwang
Amie Nenninger and William Hynes
Juliann Igo
Alex Immerman
Tri Irfan
Adam Jacobvitz
Andy Jan
Jennifer Jiang
Veronica Jimenez
Ronald Jones
Iris Jong
Ankita Joshi
Phil Juang
Jeff Kang
Becky Karsh
Theo Katsoulis
Hugh Keefe
Patrick Kelly
John Kelly
Jason Ketover
Douglas Kim
Esther Kim
Gloria Kim
Grace Kim
Jonathan Kim
Junyoung Kim
Jessica Kim
Phil Kim
Kimberly King
Marla Knapp
Melissa Koshy^
Nathaniel Krasnoff
Nicole and Michael Krassner
Robin Kuang
Sharndre Kushor
Jenny Lam
Siv Lam
Rinchen Lama
Mary Lambert
Diane Larrabee
Dashell Laryea^
Wendy Leung and Fung Hing Lau
Stefanie Lau
Byunghwan Lee
Janet Lee
Wayne Lee
Janie Lee
William Lee
MinQi Li and Yang Jia Chen
Karl Li
Danica Liang
Harrison Lieberfarb^
Daniel Liem
Michael Ligier
Calvin Ling
Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette
Irene Liu^
Cate Liu
Feven Liu
Shaun Liu
Alexander Lorch
Greer J. Lowery, Sr.
Eric Lu
Emma Ludlum
Paulette Luftig
Steven Lundy
Raymond Luong
Ani Mack
Maggie Mai and Ke Da Cheng
Ridoy Majumdar
Maya Mancuso
Cristina Marcalow
Susan Marr
Lindie Martin
Israel Matos
Haj Matsukata
Neel Mehta
Anton Melander
Matt Mendoza
Maik Meusel
Catherine Meyers
Rachel Miao
Mahalia Miller
Adam Mills
Sulagna Misra
Sachin Mitra^
Anirudh Mohan
Morgan Stanley Matching Gift Program
Susannah Morris
Muhammad Naqvi
Sabrin Nasreddin
Justine Navaja
Amelita and Claudio Navalta
Amalia Nelson
Henry Ng
Chong Ni
Michelle Nie
Nicole Noga
Josh Odenheimer
Stephanie Oh
Laura Oppenheimer
Mark Pan
Eugene Park
Jessica Park
Amit Patel
Elle Patterson
Ben Paul
Camila Pereira
Lina Pervez
Bora Plaku
Emily Pocrnich
Joanne Pons
Vishnu Rachakonda
Ben Rachbach
Matt Rafalow
Rob Rahbari
Laura Reynolds
Kimberly Rice
Caitlin Richard
Ayana Richardson
Moiz Rizvi
Tonya Rong
McKay Roozen
Dan Runcie
Roberto Salcido
Ashley Samay
Becca Sampson
Rafael Sanches
Denise Sanchez
Raul Sanchez
Aileen Santos
Annette Sarlatte-Matsu
Nicolas Sassoli
Sam Sawchuk
David Schiffman
Megan Schufreider
Marielle Sedin
Dmitri Sedykin
Rhea Settles
Anokhi Shah
Nishil Shah
Rebecca Shapiro
Adrienne Siegfried
Amare Silva
Jack Sim
Alphonse Simon
Evan Smith
Kyle Smith
Indra Sofian
Isaiah Spicer
Michael Starace
Lindsey Stauffer
Eric Straubhar
Elrich Strydom
Kate Stuckman
Tristen and Lael Sturm
Yang Su
Patricia Suquilanda
Sophia Symonds
Homa Hanjani and Hadi Tabatabai
Gina Tai
Eugenia Tai
Jonathan Tiao
Jonathan Tien
Paul Toribio
Carina Traub
Leslie Truong
Valeriya Tsitron
Erin Turner
Daniel Tweed-Kent
T. Jerome Utley, Jr.
Anna Christina Valadao
Lauren Vang
Rory Verrett
Ali Vivinetto
Christina Voors
Trudy Hamm and Chris Wachter
Bailey Wall
Clemantine Wamariya
Megan Wanee
Kevin Wang^
Christina Wang
Jasmine Wang
Michelle Wantuch
Jennifer Wolochow
Katie Woolf
Peter Wyckoff
Molly Yee
Ringo Yen
Sachi Yokose
Deborah Bain and Joel Young
Davidson Young
Wilbur Yu
Will Yuhas
Jason Yun
Xi Zhang
Melissa Zhang
Michael Zhao


In-Kind Support

415 Catering
7x7 Magazine
Diana and Alex Adamson
Maria Alvarellos
Arsicault Bakery
Banana Republic
Bandago Van Rental
Bi-Rite Grocery
Breakthrough Collaborative
Laura and David Brown
The Capital Group Companies
Rebekah and George Chang
Yvonne Wu and Howard Chung
Jennifer and Adam Ciresi
Conifer Securities
Natalie Cowan
Puja Deverakonda
Christina Huizar and Paolo Diaz
DLA Piper
Dolby Laboratories
El Techo de Lolinda
Escape From New York Pizza
Falletti Foods
First District Court of Appeal
Josina Reddy and Pati Fisher
Goat Hill Pizza
Ashley and Deejae Johnson
Kaiser South
Jane Koegel
La Fromagerie
Katherine and Alex Ladd
Beth Mulcahy and Tom Martin
Mazarine Coffee
Mission Minis
Patxis Pizza
Olivia Morgan and David Plouffe
Proper Food
Amanda Richard
Alison and Jon Ruff
San Francisco Day School
San Francisco Symphony
Scavullo Design
Vicky and Tom Scharffenberger
Schilling Cafe
Think Jerky
Trader Joe's
Susan and David Tunnell
University of San Francisco
Uno Dos Tacos
Whole Foods Market

In Honor

In Honor of Cece '23 and Claire '25 Aliabadi
Maggie and Mani Aliabadi

In Honor of Erin Mullen and Craig Brumfield
Stephen Kealhofer

In Honor of Michael Duryee-Browner
David and Carla Crane Philanthropic Fund

In Honor of Sergio Martinez

In Honor of Phil Palisoul
Jacquie and Bruce Gribens

In Honor of Nehal Raj

In Honor of Andy Shin
Sasha Mungal

In Honor of Erika Williams
Holly Holter and Jay Williams

In Memoriam

In Memory of Tommy Battat
Danilo Purlia

In Memory of Hildy Burness

In Memory of Carlos Duque
Monique and Martin Kobinger

In Memory of William L. Goodwin
Teresa Goodwin and Michael Dulworth

In Memory of Nancy Mathis
Ruth and Matthew Bissell