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Breakthrough extends a heartfelt thanks to the individuals and organizations below, whose exceptional generosity, between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, has made our work possible.

*Denotes current Advisory Board member.

^Denotes current Young Professionals Board member.

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Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families

San Francisco Day School




California Department of Education

Caneel Family Foundation

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Katie and Reed Colley

Dodge & Cox

Laura and John Fisher

Tracy and Patrick* Jennings

Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja

Borah* and Sang Kim

Susan Byrd and Mark Lampert


The Walther Foundation

Weinstein Family Charitable Foundation




Courtney Norris* and Alex Burnett

Cathy* and Sandy Dean

DLA Piper

Grace Won and Richard Holden

Jessica and Jason Moment

Seung-il Shin

Adriana Lopez Vermut and Aaron Vermut

Jenni and Hassan Zaidi



Dolev Dermatology

Randi and Bob Fisher


Margaret Howe and Conrad Herrmann

Gabrielle Hull

Leslie and George Hume

Jenny Yip and Michael Kim

Christine Wong and Denny Kwon

Inder Dhillon and Ken McNeely

Meagan and Dan Nye

Roslyn and Lisle Payne

Varsha Rao and Cameron Poetzscher

Marci and Andy Sherman

Laura and Greg Spivy

Jill and Thatcher Thompson



Barbara and Fred Abbott

Maggie and Mani Aliabadi

Joy and Jon Alferness

Claire and Eric Alt

Anonymous (2)

Sherry Smith* and Phillip Arca

Melissa Buckley* and Rajesh Atluru

Diana Nelson and John Atwater

Shari and Alexander Bard

Alexandra and Christopher Britt

Mary Rose Fernandez and Ronald Brown

Laurie Browne and David Chang

Yvonne Wu and Howard Chung

Sarah Stein and Michael Cohn

Meghan Shannon and Jose Davila

Disney Employee Matching Gifts Program

Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt

Laura and George Gigounas

Elisa and John Hayashi

Lesley Bunim and Michael Jensen

Monique and Martin Kobinger

David Kremer

Ki and Pier Kuehn

Katherine and Alexander Ladd

Naomi Meyers and Jeremiah Lane

Beth Mulcahy and Thomas Martin

Jenny Pearlman* and Jack McDonald

Gabrey and Tommy Means

Joyce Tom and Leonard Moon

Christine and Todd Morris

Deirdre and Scott Nonaka

Olivia Morgan and David Plouffe

Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl

Danilo Purlia

Jenny and Nehal* Raj

Ingrid and Matt Rechtin

Red Slips and Foxxy Cleopatra

Lucy Almers and Sean Rhea

Blythe Lang and Matt Rivitz

Lisa Bransten and John Rumsey

Amity and Brian Sadigursky

Karlo Ng and Andy Shin Foundation

Lara Witter and Curt Sigfstead

Susan and David Tunnell

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Susan and Christopher Wilkens

Dagny Maidman and Molly Wood



Tajel Shah and John Abraham


Jennifer and Adam Ciresi

Concert for Community

Ginny and Ed Conner

Jacqueline Dolev and Matthew Cooperberg

Phuong Le and Nicholas Da Silva

Beth and Andy Daecher

Lane* and John Dent

Jennifer and Scott Derringer

Christina Huizar and Paolo Diaz

Mardi Dier

Shelly Dolev

Carrie and Stouffer Egan

Willy Elman

Melinda Ellis Evers and Will Evers

Sanders Pitman and Lance Fulford

Gabrielle Toledano and Kurt Gantert

Google, Inc.

Jennifer and Raphael Haas

Holly Teliska and Erik Hardenbergh

Susan and David Harnden

Dawn and Scott Hartman

Elisa and John Hayashi

Laura and Charles Hespe

Megan* and Matt Howard

Lisa Inman and Alisa Gilden

David E. Jackson

Shilpa and Rishi Jain

Ashley and Deejae Johnson

Abigail Stewart-Kahn and Matt Kahn

Annie Dittmore Klebahn and Perry Klebahn

Caroline and Eric Kress

Will Kushner

Mina and Collin Lee

Vivian Bin and Jin Li

Jyl and Jay Marden

Scott Mataya

Mindstream Analytics

Nicole and Matt Murray

Susan Wayland and Mark Mushkat

Sibel and Farshad Owji

Megan and Milan Patel

Kelle Young and Arvind Rajan

Katy and Alex Reese

Ann and Brian Roberts

Johanna and Brian Roberts

Julianne Rumsey

Noelle and Mika Salmi

Barbara and John Seegal

Courtney Cooney and Topher Solmssen

K. Samantha Cho* and Joseph Song

Jennifer and George Steeley

Frances Ho and George Yu



Brenda and Joe Adeeb

Vanessa and Matthew Alexander

The Arciga Family

Hilary Love Bader* and Eric Bader

Michelle Chen and Seak Chao

Xue Zhen Guo and Kai Peng Chen

Marria and Justin Cooper

Electronic Arts

Ellen Burgin and Peter Fair

Trish Tierney and Chris Flanagan

Al Gonzales, Jr.

Ann and Frank Hardenbergh

Hillel @ Stanford Levison Leadership Fellows

Jennifer and Howard Holderness

Bill and Marian Howard

Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks

Jane Koegel

Josephine Lai

Andrea Evans and Chris Lehane

Kimberley and Wayne Losey

Meg and Stu McLaughlin

Sasha Mungal

Nancy Hoopes and Alison Pachynski

Jenee and Bedford Palmer

Michelle and Andrew Potts

Lucy Almers and Sean Rhea

Heidi Hess and James Rucker

Samantha Graham and Mike Savulescu

Katie Albright and Jake Schatz

Bettina Steffen and Scott Setrakian

Vanessa Cho and Matt Simmons

Wendy and Bob Singley

Marjorie and Andrew Swain

Joyce Tom and Leonard Moon

Joyce Truong

Cindy Yang and William Tse

Bridget O'Rourke and Jeffrey Tucker

Holly Holter and Jay Williams

Catherine Zinn



Anonymous (2)

Biruketaiet Zewdu and Asfaw Areda

Ella Arriaga

John Baldo

Leah Rosenkrantz and Jeffrey Bluestone

Betsy Wade Brody

Brianda Castro*

Daisy Reese and Peter Cole

Fernando Enciso-Marquez*

Melissa Fries

Naomi Galley

Patricia Zaragoza and Jose Garcia

Gaylene and Tom Hoshiyama

YuJuan Ru and Si Ping Hu

Kathy Jones

Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Matching Program

Jason Kumpf

Jesse Lee

Harrison Lieberfarb^

Irene Liu^

Meury Colado and Marco Lule

Eric Mar

Emily Gillingham and Charlie Meade

Alec Miller^

Kathryn and Aaron Money

Caroline Tsen and James Morris

The and Thai Nguyen

Chong Ni^

Doris and Ambrosio Perez

Plaza Insurance Sales, Inc.

Marisa and Ravi Rajapakse

Amanda Richard

Robin Romdalvik and Sue Rochman

Adrienne and Dillon Rogers

Teebie Saunders

Mark A. Scheel

Yu Lan Lai and Peter Tze

Francesca Vietor

Wendy and Mike Walker*

Machiko Nakatani and David Lane Walton

Rita Abraldes and Brie Williams

Marcus Williams

Mabel Huang and Raymond Wong

HuiNa Chen and Zhang Jin Wu

Emily Wong and Benny Yu



Hillary Baker

Frances Elsberry and Christopher Bergeron

Ruth* and Matthew Bissell

Jeff Bostic

MinQi Li and YangJia Chen

Lisa Coris

Leticia Gammill

Elana Weinstein and Michael Gonzalez

Brad Gresik

Venice Gutierrez

Jennifer Hughes

Alyson Kaneshiro

Caitlin Curran Kavanagh

Meredith Landis

Wendy Leung and Fung Hing Lau

Yan Fen Lu and Wallace Lee

Evelyn Manies

Amelita and Claudio Navalta

Jen Overgaag

Alan Scott

Lacy Shannon

Kimberly Swan

Sophia Symonds

Homa Hanjani and Hadi Tabatabai

Camilla Thomas

Charlie Ward

Robyn Waskow

Lauren Weston

Melanie Wise

Xiao Lan Yang and Shu Xiong Zhang


In-Kind Support

Diana and Alex Adamson

Becky and George Chang

Yvonne Wu and Howard Chung

The Capital Group Companies

Coast Counties Property Management

Conifer Securities


DLA Piper


Environmental Protection Agency



Fingersnaps Media Arts

Frozen Kuhsterd



il Molino di Grace

Kaiser Permanente

Jane Koegel

Katherine and Alex Ladd

Andrea Evans and Chris Lehane

Little Star Pizza

Luna Boutique



Mollie Stone’s Markets

Mosaic Event Management, Inc.


Roslyn and Lisle Payne

Olivia Morgan and David Plouffe

Amanda Richard

Alison and Jon Ruff

Noelle and Mika Salmi

San Francisco Day School

Scavullo Design Interiors

Vicky Simonds and Tom Scharffenberger

Leena Shah

Trader Joe’s

Susan and David Tunnell

UCSF Medical Center

University of San Francisco


Whole Foods Market

Joe Wong